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An effective Salesforce will bring customers close to your organization.

Essentially a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool which operates over the cloud, a Salesforce will integrate the different disciplines of an enterprise like sales, service, marketing etc in an open and transparent manner so that they all are presented with an unified view of the customers.

With an efficient Salesforce in place, companies can provide personalized experiences to their customers. OrbitarIT Inc provides Salesforce implementations for companies so that they can develop and deliver connected products / services which will improve business bottom line and result in increased ROI.

Advantages of our salesforce CRM platform: right customers
  • Better understanding of customers
  • Approach customers with personalized sales / marketing
  • Amaze customers with expected shopping experiences
  • Respond quickly to customer queries and offer faster customer support
  • Build custom apps for improved process efficiency
  • Efficient management of leads / prospects
Our Cloud Based Salesforce

With our salesforce services offered, companies can close deals quickly, sell smartly, view sales details clearly, track calls and emails automatically, add intelligence to every communication, access / update data anywhere – anytime, improve sales productivity and revenue.

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